Making a blog

This tutorial will walk you through making a blog using LocomotiveCMS. Specifically, we will make a travel blog for highlighting fun places to visit and interesting things to do.

Of course, the goal of the tutorial isn't to teach you how to make a blog. The aim is to guide beginners through every step of creating sites with LocomotiveCMS. The tutorial covers techniques and tips that can be used to make any kind of site.

The tutorial is broken into chapters. They are designed to be read sequentially and each chapter builds on previous lessons. However, experienced users should feel free to skim or skip to the parts that interest them.

I hope you enjoy this guide and enjoy developing sites with LocomotiveCMS.


This guide assumes a couple things:

  1. You know at least a little bit about making websites. The minimum is HTML and CSS, but knowing the basics of programming will give you a big step up in learning to use LocomotiveCMS.
  2. You can perform basic command line tasks. You don't need to be an expert by any means, but knowing how to open up the Terminal on Mac OS X or the command prompt on Windows is a must. Linux users, I assume you're up to speed. From there, you can to copy and paste commands in from the tutorial, but the guides will make more sense if you're already comfortable with the command line.
  3. You have LocomotiveCMS Wagon installed on your development machine. You don't? Better head over to the installing Wagon guide.

Source Code

The source code for each chapter is available in locomotivecms/wisdom-for-wanderers GitHub repository. Each chapter of the tutorial has a branch in the repository.

You can clone the project to your own computer by opening a new terminal shell and running the command below.

$ git clone

To view the source for a given chapter, change into the project directory and use the checkout command.

$ cd wisdom-for-wanderers
$ git checkout chapter-1.1

All set? Let's get started.
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