Create your first site

When you create a site with LocomotiveCMS, you do it locally first: this way you can focus on the design and the frontend code. That's what Wagon is used for: it initiates a site, runs a local http server, and eventually pushes your local code to a LocomotiveCMS engine.

Just in case you haven't yet, you need to install Wagon first.

1. Generate a site

A LocomoticeCMS site is stored in a local folder like any web project. We consider that you store your projects in ~/workspace directory.

  cd ~/workspace
  wagon init my_first_site -t bootstrap3

This will create a folder named my_first_site populated with a default index page and all the Twitter Bootstrap (version 3 here) resources.

Note: You can list the available templates by typing:
wagon list_templates

Now you need to install a few gems:

cd my_first_site
bundle install

Note: At this point, you could version your website with GIT, SUBVERSION or any SCM.

2. Preview your site

bundle exec wagon serve

Open now your favorite browser at the following address: On Windows you may have to use http://localhost:3333.

Note: You can see the logs of the embedded Wagon webserver in the log/wagon.log file of your site.

3. Edit your site

Your site can be edited with any text editor: Sublime Text 2, Textmate, vi, emacs, ...etc. There is no need to stop/start the serve command when you have modified a liquid template or content type.

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