Use the Restful API

Wagon communicates to the Engine through our Restful API. But sometimes, it can be great to access the content of a site without using Wagon.

For simplicity purposes, we use curl, a command line tool to request the API.
In Ruby, HTTParty is a great tool to request the API.

1. Get an API token

First open your terminal. Then, you've got two ways for getting a token.

You can either pass your email / password

curl -d '' 'http://<your site>/locomotive/api/tokens.json'

or your API key

curl -d 'api_key=.....' 'http://<your site>/locomotive/api/tokens.json'

You should read something like this in your terminal:


K9zm8niKTxuM4ZMNK7Ct is the value of the auth_token parameter we will pass to all our API requests.

2. Get information about the current site

curl 'http://<your site>/locomotive/api/current_site.json?auth_token=K9zm8niKTxuM4ZMNK7Ct'

The output will look something like:

{"id":"5293bce9247580a372000001","created_at":"2013-11-25T21:11:05Z","updated_at":"2013-11-28T16:03:20Z","name":"Hello world","locales":["en","fr","de"],"timezone":"UTC","subdomain":"green-mesta-76","domains":[""],"memberships":[{"id":"52971bdb247580155c000032","created_at":"2013-11-28T10:32:59Z","updated_at":"2013-11-28T10:32:59Z","role":"admin","grant_admin":true,"account_id":"511ec71e87f6438036000001","name":"Did","email":""}]}
The available resources are: current_site, accounts, memberships, pages, snippets, content_types, content_entries, theme_assets, content_assets and translations.

3. Update the site

Let's say we want to update the name of the site:

curl -X PUT -d 'site[name]=TEST' 'http://<your site>/locomotive/api/current_site.json?auth_token=K9zm8niKTxuM4ZMNK7Ct'

It should return the JSON output of the updated site.

4. Create a page

Let's add a page under the index page (/hello-world):

curl -X POST -d 'page[title]=Hello world&page[slug]=hello-world&page[parent_fullpath]=index&page[raw_template]=Built with the API&page[listed]=true&page[published]=true' 'http://<your site>/locomotive/api/current_site.json?auth_token=K9zm8niKTxuM4ZMNK7Ct'
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