Display the title of the current page

{{ page.title }}


Name Type Description
title String title of the page
fullpath String the complete full path
slug String unique identifier for urls, the same as a permalink
handle String unique identifier for the page (useful for link_to for example)
parent Page the parent page. Nil if the page is the root
children Array the direct children
breadcrumbs Array the parent pages and the page itself
depth Integer the depth in the tree of pages
listed? Boolean true if the page is included in the menu
published? Boolean true if the page is published
seo_title String alternative title for the page used for SEO purpose
meta_keywords String keywords used for SEO purpose
meta_description String description used for SEO purpose
templatized? Boolean true if this page is a template (new in LocomotiveCMS 2.2+ / Wagon 1.2+)
target_content_type Content type object example: {{page.target_content_type.count }}
(new in LocomotiveCMS 2.2+ / Wagon 1.2+)
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